Swoon Feb’15

‘Always look forward, never look back’

I had a phone call at the beginning of the year from an old friend asking if I was free in February to do some photographic work for him.

It had been over 15 years since I had set foot in Swoon (House/Dance night) in Stafford. Id had some amazing nights in Ted and Winston’s club, every Friday without fail screening projections for visuals in the club. It moved to Time and Space in Newcastle under Lyme but was never the same again, and not long after the night stopped.

Last year out of the blue I heard there was going to be a reunion at the Colosseum (Old venue) Stafford and I should go…… I admit I wasn’t sure, you kind of feel your time in clubs has gone and it will be full of a crowed much, much young (So it should be)

I heard the night went well.

I then heard there was another night happening ……….. Again I resisted the temptation, I heard that went well, as well.

Finally after a long, long conversation after Christmas on the phone with Ted, I said Id come and shoot some pictures for him and Winston.


This time Marshall Jefferson, Angel and Mark Rowley were the dj’s for the night. I packed my camera bag and took a drive to Stafford, something I hadn’t done for near 20 years

Jeez I saw so many old friends it was untrue. Besides Ted and Winston there was Sue, Vicky, Caroline, Geoff and Davina to name just a few. I had a sore throat from speaking to everyone, the night went so quickly.

Jeez it was packed to the rafters ! Not with a young crowed either, I guess the people of Stafford remembered the great nights they had in Swoon as well, the tickets selling out in hours and the dance floor was packed from doors open until door closed….. It was a bit insane





I had a great night. I suppose it proves once in a while you can look back and enjoy…………