Kagoule – Margate March ’15


On Saturday March 21st I went to my first trip to Margate with Kagoule a band Ive been working with from Nottingham………

I really underplayed the weather on this trip, dressed only in a t shirt and top it was sunny when I left Stoke at 8am to drive to Nottingham to meet up with the band and our long drive to Margate.


It became pretty obvious driving down the M1 in the van that the weather was getting gradually worse, raining and windy….. No coat! Epic Fail and a day freezing my arse off!!


We arrived in Margate and did a few shots on the beech in the rain, and the walked up into the town centre to find a cafe where I shot a few more pictures.

Then we went to the Tom Thumb Theatre, which was bizarre to be honest, the smallest theatre in the world? It was the size of my front room really

DSCF4362 DSCF4373 DSCF4409 DSCF4433

A small but healthy crowed showed up for the gig on a wet, windy night in Margate, Kagoule headlining the gig



Then it was time for the long drive home, around 200 miles back to Nottingham, then onto Stoke and home.

I got in at 5am! And you think my job is all glamour ……. haha