Danny Higginbotham Book Cover shoot


Last week I drove up to Liverpool to photograph ex Stoke City footballer and now a TV and Radio pundit Danny Higginbotham, for his book cover.

After a bad time getting up to Liverpool as the M6 was closed I finally got to Liverpool and was unloading my car as Danny pulled up….. Now my pet hate is to keep the client waiting and to be rushed as Im setting up, but he was quickly taken off for a nice cup of tea as we set up.

Let me tell you this, he is a really, really nice bloke and the book cover (I show you later) is one of my favourites Ive ever shot. Danny was up for any ideas we had for the shoot picture wise and the great news is he loves the cover as well.

Here are a few stills from the shoot, Olivia, who helped me on the day took



Tony (Feb’15)